What's New for 2019 | Store News

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What's New for 2019 | Store News

We have introduced two new Melco EMT16 Plus' to our tools! This year we are really working to speed up production while maintaining the quality we pride ourselves in.

Here are some features of the EMT16 Plus:

  • Increased Processing Power: More power means enhanced overall performance.
  • Flexible Multi-Head Production: Scalable multi-head system that leaves standard multi-head machines in the dust. Up to 50% more productive!
  • Up to 75% More Efficient: Progressive speed changes combined with pantograph and needle case refinements make EMT16 PLUS more efficient than previous Melco models.
  • Outstanding Stitch Quality: Embroidery has never looked better on popular products like stretchy performance wear or dri-fit shirts, hats, caps and more. 
  • Large Storage Capacity: EMT16 PLUS is capable of loading the largest embroidery designs. 

Information from Melco.com